Introduction: Need to Know Nail Hacks

Taking care of nails can sometimes be a tricky business. Here are some great nail hacks that can make taking care of your nails a whole lot easier.

Step 1: Unstick a Stubborn Nail Polish Lid by Soaking It in Hot Water

If your nail polish lid just won't come off take a cup and fill it with hot water (the hottest that your sink tap will allow) until you have enough water to cover the lid of your nail polish

Put the nail polish bottle upside down in the water for 2 minutes

Dry the nail polish bottle and open the lid.

(if the lid doesn't open the first time repeat the process again)

Step 2: DO NOT Shake the Nail Polish Bottle

Shaking the polish bottle will create lots of little bubbles in the polish that will only be noticed after the color dries on your nails.

Instead roll the polish gently in the palm of your hands. This will mix up the color without causing bubbles

If you need to shake the bottle to mix up the color, wait at least an half hour to let the bubbles settle before you apply the polish.

Step 3: Dry Your Nails With Ice Water

If you need a quick way to dry your nails quickly try dunking them in ice water.

Before painting your nails fill up a small bowl with ice water. After painting, dunk your nails in the cold water for a few minutes. The cold water will help the paint set and help dry the nail polish quickly

Step 4: Use Petroleum Jelly to Keep Polish Off the Skin Around Your Nails

An easy way to keep nail polish from getting on the skin around your nail is to apply some petroleum jelly on the skin before you start painting. If you get any paint on the skin you will be able to easily wipe it right off one you are done painting your nails.

Step 5: Quickly Remove Nail Polish With a Sponge or Rag and a Jar

Create your own nail polish removing jar by putting a sponge or rag in a small jar. Then add a quarter bottle of nail polish remover. Let it soak into the sponges and you now have a quick way to remove nail polish.

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