Needle Felted Bunny Rabbit




Introduction: Needle Felted Bunny Rabbit

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This is a simple needle felting tutorial
Recently I've been using regular sewing needle but did not work
There are no substitutes for wool felting needles

Step 1: Materials

Felting wool

Felting needle

Sponge mat (any kind of sponge works)



Step 2: Steps

Instead of wasting felting wool, I used cotton and warped it in yarn to the shape I wanted
Place a piece of felting wool on the cotton and start poking
Make sure the whole shape is covered in wool and has been poked
Careful not to break the thin needles
Make a ball and attach to the end of the body
That is the neck
Make a small cylinder by rolling the felt up and poking it until firm
Connect to the neck
Make thin cylinders for the legs and paws
At the end of legs, not the paws, fluff out the wool and connect to the body
Roll again the felting wool and poke flat for the ears
Add a little bit of white to the middle of the ears and attach to the head
Take a bit of felt and roll into a small circle
Make 2
Attach the eyes to the face
Make the nose the same way
Since this rabbit is quite small, I didn't do the nose a triangle
Make a tail of you desire

Step 3: Results


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