Neko Atsume Felt Plush

Introduction: Neko Atsume Felt Plush


-Felt (colour of your choice)

-Black felt

-2 pieces of foam

- Screw like beady eyes

-Felting needle

Step 1: Starting Off

First you will need felt in the colours you desire (I picked Grey, White and Black) You will also need beady eyes and foam. Print out a Neko Atsume cat and trace it onto the foam and cut it out. I got my template from Maqaroon (this is her idea)

Step 2: Making It 3D

Now cut out the parts from the printed cat that will be sticking out a bit, in my case the head. Now trace that part on foam again and cut it out

Step 3: Wrapping Felt Around the Foam

Now place the foam head in place and start wrapping the felt which is the colour you want your cat to be around it. Make sure you leave a space in between the tail and the body, so you can see which way around your cat is.

Step 4: Poking the Cat

Get your felting needle and start poking the cat, because of the special needle the felt will get stuck in the small pores in the foam and attaches itself. You have to keep poking until the you can clearly see the shape of the cat and it has turned harder (as displayed in the picture). This step can take very long but don't give up your hopes! This takes about 2-3 hours! In the begin it may look like nothing but just keep going!

Step 5: Adding Details

To add more details add different colours fur and slightly poke them secure. To add deeper creases just poke more in that specific place.

Step 6: Making Legs

To make the legs get some wool and roll it up until it looks like in the picture, than poke it on but do not poke it on too hard or it will not be visible.

Step 7: Adding the Face

Now make two dots with a pen, where you want the eyes to be. Then screw the eyes into those places. For the nose and mouth carefully poke in some black wool in the shape of a tiny triangle and with the left wool that isn't poked in yet make the mouth, this is a very tricky step. Now you are pretty much done!

Step 8: Work Cited List

Idea of Maqaroon

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