Introduction: Neon Nails

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I don't like to wear neon colors in my clothes, I decided to take this trend in a more subtile way by adding it to my manicure. In this tutorial I made all my nails to show you how it looks but I personally find it more elegant if you just do this in one nail and paint the rest of your nails white or black.

Step 1: Materials

3 Neon nail polishes different color

White nail polish

Black nail polish

Scotch tape


Step 2: White

Paint a layer of while in all your nails. This will let us have a more intense neon color. Let this layer dry very well.

Step 3: Neon Stripes

Divide your nail in 3 vertically. Paint each section with one of your neon nail polishes. This doesn't have to be perfect, we just want the combination of the three neon colors in each nail.
Let them dry perfectly before going to the next step.

Step 4: Tape

Cut thin strips of scotch tape or use the metallic strips that are sold for nail art. Place them in your nails as you want: horizontally, vertically, like an asterisk, etc.

Step 5: Black

Paint a layer of black nail polish and let it dry. This layer has to cover all the nail and the colors you painted before.

Step 6: Reveal

Take the scotch tape off and discover your design! Use a transparent nail polish to make it last longer. This is so much fun to do and you can experience with different shapes and colors.
Have fun creating!

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