Introduction: Neon Toys. Neon Wire Bicycle

Hi. Today I would like to tell you a story how to wire a beautiful bicycle night light using neon wire. You can see the result in the image above. But what we need to do this?

First of all we need 3m of el-wire or neon wire. You can buy it via internet.

You also need 3m of copper wire with d=1.4mm

In addition you should buy 3m of transparent heat shrinking tube ans strong heat gun.

Tutorial about how to wire a bicycle and cup for wheels.

Step 1: Making Elastic Neon Wire for Bicycle

First of all, the neon wire and the copperwire should be inserted into the heat shrinking tube.

Then, you should turn on your heat gun and warm up the wire.

Step 2: First Result: Neon Wire Is Ready

As result you will receive an elastic neon wire with shape memory. Now you can change it's form as you wish. Now you limited only by your fantasy. As it is possible to see now we are already have a night light in form of spiral.

But let us do the bicycle.

Step 3: Clear Wire Art: Bicycle

There are a lot of online tutorials on youtube with purpose to wire a bicycle. But we have a several limitations.

First of all, our wire has a diameter about 4 mm. This wire is thicker than general wire used in online tutorials.

Other limitation is the following: we can't cut our wire into pieces. Our bycicle should be created using only one piece Because we want our bicycle to glow.

Thus, according to limitataions the following tutorial was selected as basis:

And special cup for increased size of weels was used.

Step 4: Bicycle Is Ready.

The color of your bicycle depends on color of selected neon wire.

The size of your bicycle depends of size of weels.

Thank you for your attention.

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