Introduction: TIPS ON NERF

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In this guide you will learn how to win a Nerf Battle. This instructable includes tips, tools, and blasters I would recommend. Please read the steps to increase the chances of winning a battle. :)

Step 1: Getting the Gear

  In a Nerf battle, obviously, you need a blaster or two. As you see I don't recommend automatic or clip fed blasters. I mostly like dart tag blasters because thier easy-to-load, light to carry, and they shoot pretty good.  Please note   (For some reason they only have the Barrel Break IX-2 Blaster at Toys"R"Us).

Step 2: Testing...............

  Please test these tips such as making shields, running often, and staying in cover.

   Please start a battle with a couple of friends and I hope you win or just think of your own tips and ways to win a battle. :)