Introduction: Nerf Gun Fun - to Survive Lockdown With Kids

I live in the UK with my wife and 2 young kids (Boys - 4 and 6 years old). Like many people, we are currently in lockdown due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This is a devastating time for the whole world, so amidst the chaos I thought I would share a little bit of joy, and something you can do with your kids, with very little in the way of materials, which will keep them (and any adults in the house) entertained for a bit.

My 6 year old did most of the hard work and has even helped type up/dictate the steps in this guide, so if stuff doesn't make much sense from this point on wards you can blame him.


1 x Large Cardboard Box

Pencil and Colouring Pencils

Sticky Tape

Small Plastic Bags

1 x Annoying Child (second annoying child optional)

Scissors or Stanley Knife (kept away from annoying child)

Step 1: Making a Cardboard Man

  • Find a piece of cardboard that one of your children can fit on and get them to lie on it in a pose of their choice.
  • Tell them to keep still in the pose they chose and draw around them when they are doing that pose.
  • Now cut out the outline of the pencil using a pair of scissors or a stanley knife - remember to remove the child before cutting out.
  • Then have a good look at what you did.

Step 2: Get Your Crayons Out....ready, Set Colour!

  • Let your children do this all by themselves, they can imagine what they want their man to look like. Go head to toes or toes to heads

Step 3: Holey Man!

  • Get some objects that are round that fit in certain parts of the body, like; hand and their head and bottom.
  • Then put the objects in the right place and push down with one arm and draw around the object.
  • This part is for the grown ups, because you have to cut out the holes you made.

Step 4: Bag on My Back

  • Get some plastic bags and sticky tape and stick them to the back of the holes so you know the bullets went in

Step 5: Make Your Man Stand Up

Have you got any cardboard left over?

  • Make a thin base a bit like a squashed square and use sticky tape to stick the ends together
  • Put one leg in the base and one leg out of the base and stick a piece of cardboard to the man's back and the back of the base

Step 6: Scores With Triumph

Is the person standing up yet? Right lets finish this baby off now, oh sorry its not a baby its a man...right no more jokes.

  • Write scores by the holes.
  • The biggest holes have the smallest numbers and the littlest holes have the biggest numbers

Step 7: Job Done!

Now it's time to have some fun!

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