Introduction: Nerf Rubber Band Grenade

Hello! This guide will show you how to make a hand grenade for all your Nerf games. This is something that Nerf has yet to officially produce, and it can really change the way you play. Even if you're not into Nerf, it's a quick project that is easy to complete, so I encourage you to try it.


Quite simple:

  • At least 6 Nerf darts
  • A rubber band

Step 1: Fold the Rubber Band

All you're doing for this step is folding the rubber band twice. First, fold it over, like a bow tie. Then, fold it in half and put it around your fingers to keep it folded.

Step 2: Fill It With Darts

This step entails the grenade's payload - the darts. Add one or two inside the rubber band, and then estimate how many more you can fit. You want to fit as many as you can, I just recommend 6 as a bottom line.

Step 3: Throwing

The most important part this grenade is actually using it. Carry it around double-folded, but when the time comes, undo the fold, leaving the band around the darts, and then throw it. This should keep the whole thing together mid-flight, while also causing it to burst on impact. While it won't work 100% of the time, it almost always works for me.

Step 4: Application

This last step is just some strategic advice. Make sure you carry multiple grenades at once, because you never know how many you'll need. They're easy enough to make. Also, try to make grenades mid-battle with darts and rubber bands you find on the ground.

That's all for my guide. Thanks for reading, and happy Nerfing!

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