Introduction: Nerf Scout IX-3 Borderlands Hyperion Conference Call Paintjob

My first attempt in documenting my paint project. Lets go through what we need;

1- Nerf Scout (in photo) or any other blaster.

2- Tools;- screw driver, pliers, etc

3- Masking tape

4- Sand paper

5- Spray paint;- flat black, silver, red

Step 1:

First step. You need to carefully disassemble the gun. Keep all the screws and small parts in a container. You dont want to lose any of those. Take photos for reference in case you forget which part goes where.

Step 2:

Sand down any surface of the shell. Remove the logos and warning text if you desire, which i did. Since i dont have a dremel tool, it took me quite abit of time.

After that, make sure you clean the surface with a wet cloth.

Step 3:

I started with flat black spray as base. I didnt bother with the grey primer. (couldnt remove the trigger because the screw was stripped.)

Leave the parts to dry for abit.

Step 4:

Start masking the parts that i wanted to remain black.

Step 5:

After spraying it with silver, carefully and slowly remove the masking tapes....

Step 6:

More masking for the red spray paint.

Step 7:

The red looks a little too glossy, but its fine...

Step 8:

Brushing some silver paint on the edges to create a weathered effect...

Painted the trigger silver, which could be a mistake. Now the trigger is a little to tight. Since im not playing with the gun, i left it.

Step 9:

Adding dirt and grime on the surface. Works pretty well on the glossy red too...

Step 10:

Reassemble the internals of the blaster according to the previously taken photo.

Step 11:

There ya go. Done. Nerf blaster with Conference Call paintjob.