Introduction: Nerf Maverick Extention

if you notice the maverick is supposed to be a revolver but doesn't look like one?
this instructable will show you how to make it look like one
it also makes it more accurate


--- a maverick gun (of course)
--- A P.V.C. pipe (it can be any length you want under 6 inches)
--- cello tape or duct tape
--- M-seal

Step 1: Measurement

take the pipe and cut it to whatever length you want the leftover pipe becomes the lower barrel
thicken the lower barrel first

Step 2: Notch Making

take adequate amount of m seal and put it around the pipe
attach the pipe to the guns barrel and press the m seal down let the m seal dry after removing the pipe
after it dries thicken it with cello tape

Step 3: Binding

attach the first barrel to the maverick and then the second on the first by binding them with cello tape

Step 4:

make minor adjustments like tightening the barrels onto the maverick