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Introduction: Nespresso Capsules Holder

Hye everyone,

I am a real coffee freak!
I was soooo happy to receive my brand new Nespresso machine!
I was very surprised to find out that there were also extra coffee capsules included, BUT

Where do I have to keep them? I want to stall them out because I really like the color palette.
When i searched online I found some Nespresso racks. Unfortunatley those cost around the 40 euros.

SO, why don't I just make one out of the corrugated cardboard box?!

It would also be a nice idea for Nespresso to integrate this in their package to give their clients a little extra!

Step 1: Material List

On the pictures above you can see all the materials and tools I have used!

Don't forget to print the template! You must take a good luck at the measurements because the caps must fit perfectly!

Step 2: Remove Side Panels

Remove your both panels of the Nespresso! You can do this by first adding half cut-outs. You can push it easily afterwards.

Step 3: Half Cut-Outs

First, cut your piece of cardboard like it is shown on the template.

Second, draw the outlines of the template.

Now make half cut-outs with a special tool as shown on the pictures. In this way it is a lot more easier to push the figure out!

Step 4: Make the Label

To make this rack I used a new piece of cardboard (with the same measurements as the side panels as the box) because I wanted to maintain my Nespresso box.

So, to make it to seem real I printed out te label. I did this on A4 sticker sheets! Those are very easy to apply!

Step 5: Pushing

Now you can start pushing your forms out of the first panel! Have fun!

Step 6: Magnets

There is nothing unusual about the second panel except for the magnets. There are little strips on the front and one big magnet on the backside. Those fit perfectly on the backside of panel one!

You can choose where you want to hang the partner piece of the big magnet. If you remove the sticker at the back you can stuck it wherever you want.

Step 7: How to Use

Hang your both panels on the magnet that you have just placed.

Now it's time to place your caps in the rack. You will be surprised how easy and cool it is to use!

Step 8: The End Result

Congratulations! You've made it!

I hope you found this Instructable useful!

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    Question 3 years ago on Step 7


    I didnt see anything about printable paper. How can i download template?