Introduction: New Bench for My Lathe/Disc Sander

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I need a new bench for my lathe,my lathe hasn't had a permanent home and it usually kept under the bench and only used sparingly I normally clamp it in my vice to use,Ive rearranged my workshop and given myself room for a 1200mm x 600mm bench.

The lathe is going to double as a sanding station also i want to use the bench when not using the lathe so I'm going to set it on a swivel so I can swing it out of the way when not in use.

Materials 2x4 lumber

1200x600x15mm plywood top.

12mmx100mm Dowels

Wood Glue


Step 1: Cut Frame Lumber to Size

Legs 900mm x 4

Top braces 1200mm x 2

Side frame braces 465mm x 4

Bottom Stretcher 1000mm x 1

I've made a a centre finder Jig out of scrap to clamp my stretchers and legs to while i glue,screw and dowel

Step 2: 12mm Dowels

I've Clamped the stretcher using the Jig to the centre of the leg and pulled it up with a screw then drilled in two places with a 12mm drill for the dowels.( it doesn't matter if your not at 90 degrees as the dowel holes will line up)

I have made my own dowel using my dowel plate and drill ( check out my video if you want to follow this step at

Use a long threaded screw to get the glue down the hole then drive in the dowels.

Step 3: Finishing the Side Frames

Glue up the stretchers and repeat process screwing drilling and doweling until both side frames are finished

Step 4: Half-lap Joints

I have half-lapped the top stretcher to half their width on my table saw using the sled.

the first one is right at the end as its pushed up against my drill stand,mark the other half-lap and clean out,glue and screw in place.( If it's stand alone then make the stretchers longer than the bench on both sides )

I have screwed a rail on the bottom between the two end frame at the back

Step 5: Top and Lathe Position

I've screwed the top on and positioned the lathe as far to the right as I can and drilled a 10mm hole through the lathe pedestal and bench top and bolted the lathe down.

2 reasons why i want it to swivel is that i want to use the bench and also the lathe is set up at half size so if i want to add the bed extension i need to be able to get to the tailstock bolts.

This lathe can be set up to have 37 inches between centres ( see photo )

Step 6: Lathe in 90 Degree Position

I have swivelled the lathe through 90 degree and I'm going to build a sanding station with a tilting table a small drum sander with extraction.

Please check out the construction video for the bench build on my channel by clicking the ling bellow

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