Introduction: New Years Makeup Tutorial

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For this look I created it to be perfect for a new years party look so if you have a party to go to then this is for you. This is very simple to recreate and will suit any outfit that you want to wear.

Step 1:

First you are going to want to start of by applying a primer and then your foundation making sure it is blended in all over and no harsh lines. A primer is a must as this will help your makeup stay on all night.

Then you are going to want to go onto your eye first. This is so you can fix any fall out if you need to.

So first you need to apply a concealer to the lids and then blend this out. Then go in with a white and set the concealer. Then helps all the colours blend and keeps the eye makeup in the right place all night.

Step 2:

Then taking Anaheim out of the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette and blend this out into the crease making sure its blended and no harsh lines. This is going to make the perfect transition colour.

Step 3:

Then going in with a small pencil brush I apply Zone from the same palette into the crease making sure it stays below the previous colour but not onto the lid. I also make sure this is blended and no harsh lines.

Step 4:

I then take blackout from the same palette and with a detailed brush i apply this to the outer corner of the eye and slightly to the outer crease. I then take a fluffy brush and blend this out making sure its not harsh. I then repeat these steps till I am happy with the look.

Step 5:

Then taking baby once again from the same palette I apply this on the lid from the inner corner into the blackout. I make sure these two colours are blended into each other by taking a brush and blending them into each other.

Step 6:

Now the lid is done I take my gel eye liner and apply a wing and then extend the inner corner out slightly and this helps make my eyes appear larger. To help my eyes look even larger I apply a white pencil into my waterline.

I then apply a coat of mascara prepping them for false lashes.

Step 7:

Now i go onto the rest of the face. I start off by applying a concealer to the under eyes in a triangular shape, the chin, the nose and onto the forehead. I then blend this out with a beauty blender. I then set this with a setting powder and this just helps prevent creasing and last all night.

Step 8:

Then I shaped by face using a bronzing powder. To do this I just applied this to to my the hollows of my cheeks around my forehead, my jaw line and the sides of my nose.

Step 9:

I then went onto finish the eyes by applying zone on the lower lash line and then blackout just on the outer corner of the lash line. I once again made sure this was blended out. I then also applied my lashes and filled in my brows.

Step 10:

Now I applied a red lipstick to my lips and I decided I wanted to create an ombre lip. I then used my gel liner and outlined my lip and then lightly dragged the liner into the center of my lips. I then went back over with the red lip as felt I lost a bit of the red lip.

Now this look is finished and I hope you like this look. I hope yu have a great New Years.