Introduction: Newspaper Dress(Eco Friendly)

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A Newspaper Dress can be a fun project for you ,at-least a day you're gonna be selfie spot for your nearest people(as my experience). You can also try Newspaper Dress for party, fashion show, events etc. The process of Newspaper Dress can take bit of long time & patience. try to make the bottom first & then top piece to go with nice lookup. Once you're finished, distance between your lip's end quietly increase.(here you have. am i right?)

So let's get started,

Step 1: Collect Tools & Material

  1. collect a variety of old newspapers & magazine(for attractive pocket & collar).some of do not subscribe to a newspaper. However, neighbours is the one and only first choice for most of us & 2nd is Dump shop.
  2. pen or a pencil for marking lines.

  3. tape measure,scale or any hard straight material for fold straight lines.

  4. tape roll,gum,stapler,clamps,cloth clips.

Step 2: Joint Newspapers Together With Tape and Make Some of Sheet.

  1. open full newspaper and join them together.
  2. make sheets like this as shown in picture.
  3. make sure that you have comprise enough sheets for make top & bottom.
  4. secure you top & bottom joints well for good finishing.

Step 3: Cut the Layout of Dress

  • measure you waist ,chest,shoulders lengths.
  • put extra 1 inch on border for batter joint & measurement.
  • draw front and back side's total area and fold the sheet of newspaper as per your size.
  • use tape for join them simultaneously pattern.

Step 4: Create Small Strips of Newspaper for Purse and Hat.

  • fold news papers sheet back and forth
  • knit them in square and make plain net for purse.
  • follow same steps for hat,put plain board on top use tape for covering them all together
  • make sure that front part of entire dress looks good with color and textures, full page of advertise's color looks glitch.

Step 5: Stick Front Part With Back & Complete Top With Hat

  • stick front part with back,during this process keep in mind size of chest.
  • fold both part slightly & manage curves of folds (otherwise its looks like box wrapped on jar).
  • knit handle for purse which made with small pieces of folded slit sheet.
  • repeat this process opposite side as well.

Step 6: Finalizing Dress and Giving Shapes With Cut Extra Notches & Garnishing

  • when top and bottom part ready, put them in open area for drying.
  • after that adjust shoulder joints, give shape on neck's round, draw area and shape for pocket.
  • using shining part of magazine cut pocket size paper.
  • cut collar as well whichever shape you want.
  • magazine's paper is good enough for stylish broach, ring & button.

Step 7: Now Its Time for Cherry on the Cake

  • make little slits and knit for hand bracelet.
  • put colorful button on Button Placket
  • beautiful Belt Buckle >> put small buttons around big button its looks like flower button.

Step 8: You're Done

Congratulations,princess with newspaper's dress is here....

  • you're welcome to comment,suggest me to any ideas and interesting update.
  • tell me your suggestion ,it'll be appreciated.

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