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Introduction: Nice and Easy Cardboard Decorations

Here I'll show you how to do nice, easy and practically free cardboard decorations. Now, find some corrugated cardboard and get to work!

Step 1: Get Your Stuff

You will need some corrugated cardboard, a pencil and an x-acto knife or cutter. I prefer the one that has only one blade because it is sharper and allows me to cut out details easier. You should have this things around your house, so this project will be for free (:
I chose a white cardboard, but any color will do. You can get creative with what's printed on the cardboard and incorporate it into your design.

Optional :
> Paper (To make a sketch of what you're going to cut out)
> Frame (To hang your work. If your cardboard is small you can use a photo frame to display it)
> Glue (If you're going to make a cardboard frame)
> Ruler (To make straight cuts)

Step 2: Pick Your Design and Sketch It!

Look around the internet to get some ideas. Patterns, stencils and silhouettes look awesome.
Remember that you can't have gradients or shades, only solid figures because you're going to cut them out.
I recommend making a sketch in a piece of paper and filling in with black (or any color) the parts that you're going to cut out.

Step 3: Draw Your Design Into the Cardboard

Now it's time to draw your design into the cardboard. Use the pencil lightly so the trace is barely visible, that way you will have to do less clean-up at the end.

Step 4: Cut, Cut, Cut.

Cut out your design. Remember that you're only need to cut the upper layer so you don't have to press that hard.
Be careful and ask for help if you need to. Take it easy on the details.

Step 5: Tear the Upper Layer Off!

Take the edge of the upper layer and tear it off exposing the corrugated cardboard. Probably you'll have some stubborn paper that doesn't wants to get off, use your nail, the x-acto or some tweezers to get them.
Proceed carefully when working around details.

Step 6: Time to Get Creative!

Leave it as it is, send it as a postcard, add a wooden frame, or anything else you can imagine!
I added a contrasting cardboard decoration to the sides.

Remember that you can do it any size you want and as complex as you want to! The possibilities are endless.

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