Introduction: Night Animals -A Fun Way of Introducing Them to Children

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My Son Sourya is almost 4 .And the most favourite outing spot for us is going to a Zoo.
But for some reason we missed the Nocturnal section every time we visited the Zoo. And he kept on asking me mamma what's in that section why did we miss again!!
So this made me think why not we know about them in a fun way right here in our home..
And I came up with the thought of making them visible at night when we are sleeping ...

Step 1: Material Required

Very simple !!!
All we need is
1.list of night animals
2.colouring page printout of those night animals
3. Glow in the dark paint(
I have attached the colouring pages which i have used .You can take the list of night animals from the attached sheets and collect the images you like from google.

Step 2: Paint Them to Gloww and Display

Now after collecting the animals printout ...paint them
with the Glow in the dark paint using the brush .Apply
the paint generously.
Let it dry and apply another coat...repeat this step until you feel you have got enough glow on the animals in the dark.
I applied 4 coats to get the look which you can see in the attached page.

I have assembled all the animals on one chart paper .

Now place the chart in your room where it can get maximum light.

At night when you switch off all the lights , you can see the animals gloww...(Let the chart of animals get enough Light jus before you switch off).

I kept the project as secret because I wanted to see the first reaction on his face when he sees them glowing at night.

My son after seeing the animals glow at night called it a Lighting Zoo mamma ...haha....his fun way of saying it.

I have put the chart in my bedroom so we are having of loads of discussions these days on night animals before going to sleep.

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