Introduction: Night Light From Used Air Filter

This tutorial will show how to make a night lights from a used air filter out of a generator and a couple of other parts. It can be done within a day and will run off of a wall adapter (12-15v) and will use car brake lights. This light is ideal for camping because it can run off of a car battery and since it is an old school incandescent light it has a warm and natural vibe to it.

Step 1: Parts

Used air filter
DC jack
12 volt adapter@2amps
Car brake lights and sockets
Heat shrink tubing

Step 2: Tools

Paint brush
Drill and bits
Soldering iron

Step 3: Burning and Cleaning the Air Filter

Soak the air filter in a flammable liquid or gel and light it up, to protect the grass or ground put it in a oil dish. Once all the paper and glue has been burnt away open up the air filter and break any excess glue away with a screw driver and hammer. After that get some wire wool and clean it up.

Step 4: Wiring

The wiring is very easy the ,two positive's join together onto the DC jack and the whole case is negative. Epoxy the DC jack to the side, after that use some heat shrink tubing to neaten up the wiring.

Step 5: Painting

Take the light sockets off, clean the top and bottom plate and paint it to the color of your choice.

Step 6: Final Product

Get your silicon and glue th pieces together once all the parts are in. This light gets pretty warm and requires a big adapter to run it, it was a cheap,quick,and simple build. The lamp can also be used for camping(it can run off a battery, and charged off solar).

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