Nixie Watch Prototope_a V5. Full Datasheet

Introduction: Nixie Watch Prototope_a V5. Full Datasheet

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This is full source code + datasheet + all what you need to build your own nixie watch.

This is new revision of model prototype_a. Now it is archiewed version.

This watch was build for my friend. Casing - brass, bracelett -leather.

If someone need inspiration or small worklog - write in coments, or check my instagram/FaceBook page.

Previous prototype_a alpha on instructables that use Transformer as power source on this project source was lost due hdd milfunction

Build your own Steampunk Nixie watch

Note that wach work on hight voltage!!!

Note that youll need some junk from ebay!!!

Step 1: Characteristics

Rechargeable battery via micro-USB.

Description: This is Fully Assembled and Tested Nixie Watch with 4 Pieces IN-16 NOS Tubes + 1 Tube blink. Power By: DC 5V via rechargeable battery or via USB cord. Time before recharging: 12-16 hours in active mode or more than month in passive mode User Selectable: 24HH-MM-SS/ DD-MM-YY / Energy level/ Change on - off Dimension: Width 76mm x Height 50mm x Depth 26mm

(+- this depend of your casing. 3d printed or not\design etc)


Little video

On next Step datasheet

Step 2: Parts and Datasheet

Datasheet attached on top


  • Capacitor 10 uF 4 pcx
  • Capacitor 100 nF 5 pcx
  • Capacitor 100 nF 3 pcx
  • Capacitor 1 nF 1 pcx
  • Zener diode 3V6 1 pcx
  • Diode ES1J 1 pcx
  • MicroUsb 1 pcx
  • inductor SCB0704-331М 330 uH 1 pcx
  • Transistor ZVN4525E6TA 1 pcx
  • Transisror MMBTA92 4 pcx
  • Transistor MMBTA42\PMBF107 16 pcx
  • Transistor BC847BS 1 pcx
  • Supervisor TLV431AIDBVR 1 pcx
  • RTC DS3231SN 1 pcx
  • Li-pol charging element TP4056 1 pcx
  • Buttons TM1103R25B-2500-TR 3 pcx
  • Atmega16a-AU 1 pcx
  • Nixie tube IN-16 4 pcx
  • Nixie tube IN-3 1 pcx
  • Resistor 100 k 6 pcx
  • Resistor 100 k 15 pcx
  • Resistor 10 k 25 pcx
  • Resistor 4.7 k 1 pcx
  • Resistor 2.2 k 3 pcx
  • Resistor 2.2 k 1 pcx
  • Resistor 1 M 4 pcx
  • Resistor 22 Ohm 1 pcx
  • Resistor 30 k 2 pcx
  • Thermoresistor NTC 10 k 1 pcx
  • Contacts PLLD1,27-80 1 pcx
  • Connectors PBD1,27-08S 4 pcx
  • Li-pol battery 643456M15 3.7V 1200mAh +PCB 1pcx

Step 3: PCB


On archive PCB

On archive Gerber

Step 4: Software

On archieve software

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    That looks awesome. I love the steampunk aesthetic. Could you share some more about the details of the construction?


    Reply 5 years ago

    On corners i used brass pipe. walls - 1mm brass sheet.

    all part was soldered using simple iron, or you can use dremel versatip photo of casing from top

    casing with laser-cutted acrylic glass (if you'll interesting - i have glass drowing)

    on this photo youll see how parts was soldered

    and just assembled casing without bracelett ears

    box-style design

    folding and soldering. Button-style charging port

    PS. is you'll need worklog - i think ill make one in a few weeks


    Reply 5 years ago

    ps2. Buttons i cut from solid brass using latre

    2 buttons D3.8mm X 3mm height

    1 button D9.8mm X3.5mm height

    Form of button like screw (rotate letter T)