Introduction: No-Bake Apple Pie Bites

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This is my first Instructable, so please comment!!!

This is a small snack that I have been making for a while, and thought it was worthy for sharing.

Step 1: Ingredients

These things are the stuff that you need to make it!!!!

Ground Cinnamon (I use McCormick's)
Ritz Crackers
Ground Nutmeg (Again, I use McCormick's)
Apples (Divide how many bites you want by six, that's how many apples you'll need)
A sharp knife with a steady hand.

Step 2: The Makings!!!!

To begin make sure the apple is washed entirely, then cut the apple into sixths.

Step 3: Precision Accuracy...

Prepare the Ritz cracker, then aim one of the apple slices for the buttery target.

Step 4: The Nutmeg!!!!

Put a pinch of Nutmeg on the apple.

Step 5: Cinnamon......

Next, we apply the cinnamon to create a delicious object one did not think was possible to achieve with such ease....

Step 6: Mission Complete!

Put it on a plate...then your all done to serve!