Introduction: No Green House? No Problem! My Unconventional Solution That Worked Great!

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(This is my first time planting seedlings so I fully expect(ed) this to be a serious learning experience! Also, you’ll notice, I’m starting very small this year with just a few different vegetable varieties!)

The "roaster pans" were inexpensive (less then $4) and came in packs of two. I decided to put my seedlings in much larger containers and that took me to the disposable cup department and, $5 later, I bought around 50 styrofoam cups. Besides that my other purchase was a bag of organic seed starting soil and a bag of basic potting soil.

Step 1: Plant Your Seeds...

I planted at least two seeds in each cup and then gave them a good misting of room temperature water. I planted three pans (fifteen cups) of cucumbers, one pan (five cups) of tomatoes and two pans (ten cups each) of asparagus, green beans and sugar snap peas. Within a week I had several seedlings up (and did a little dance) and within two weeks all of my cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans and peas were up. And then by week three my asparagus finally came up too!

Step 2: Watch Your Little Seedlings Grow...

I misted them daily to keep them moist. They are still healthy, ridiculously big already and doing great!

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