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Introduction: No Sew Blanket

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This is a great project for anyone especially people who are looking for a easy project to make that is inexpensive and you will actually use. There are few different versions of these out there. This is the most simplest to I think. The tie i used is a balloon knot. All that it is is tying the two pieces of fabric like your tiyng off a water balloon. Try not to over think it. I made mine with 2 yards of fabric of each color. The fabric is fleece it stretches a bit when you tie off the ends. This takes just a scissors, measuring tape and a flat surface to make. These are great for christmas gifts, birthday gifts or for yourself.

can get your fleece here

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

2 yard of fleece fabric for top layer

2 yards of fleece fabric for bottom layer

you can make your blanket what ever size your feel

keep in mind the blanket gets smaller because you cut stripes on each side for tying

pins for pinning two layers together


flat surface

tape measure

Step 2: Trim Fabric Edges

Start with 2 yards of fabric and look to see which side you want facing outwards. I chose the softest and brighter colored side to face outward on each. Lay both of them out on a flat surface and line them up best you can. Depending on how they're cut from the store will determine how much trimming you will have to do. Start with one edge and line them up together and pin down. No line up then side best you can and one side might be longer then the other fabric make sure they are both the same length on sides and trim accordingly. Pin down where you feel will help keep the fabrics together.

Step 3: Cutting

The first thing to do after you have all the edges lined up is to cut out a 5 inch square on each corner. You can do this at the beginning or start with one corner and cut out the other corners when you get to them. This makes it so that after you tie it all the sides square up. After you have the 5 in square cut out of the corner start cutting your flaps that you will be tying together. Always make sure your two layers of fabric are lined up when working. Starting from the edge of 5 inch square you cut start making cuts 5 inches long and a little wider than the width of your pointer finger. About an inch to an inch and a quarter. Theses cuts need to be the same length as the five inches in the corners so they line up. Cut these strips all the way along the side until you get to the the other cut out corner. Do this on all four sides. I cut one side at a time and tied up one side first before stating to cut the next side. Do on all four sides.

Step 4: Tying Fabrics Together

Once your have your strips cut start tying them. The fleece fabric stretches when you tie it. Make sure the fabrics are lined up when you tie them off. This is the balloon tie. Don't over think this part just like tying a water balloon. Take two fingers and rap the fabric around them and pull the two ends threw together. Depending on if your left or right handed might decide on which way feels more comfortable making the ties. When you make the ties tie each strip the same so that the top fabric sits nicely on top of the tie so that it is facing upward. This is not crucial but makes it look a lot nicer when your ties are facing the same and flat.

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