Introduction: No Sew Dog Beds

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If your dogs are anything like mine they love love love their dog beds, but they also just love love love to rip them to shreds. duh. Makes sense right? Yeah. If you are anything like me spending $50 a pop on those darn little beds isn't the funnest thing in the world. I can think of 397423874 other things I would like to spend $50 on. I happen to have 2 dogs so anytime I have to buy a dog "something" the cost is doubled. Make that $100. crap. They make "chew proof" dog beds you say? Tried 'em. Twice. They are also extra expensive because of their "chew proof" qualities. double crap. The manufacturers also are full of it because these special beds can very well be chewed up just as easily as the regular old non chew proof beds. My sweet little angels have been without beds for a while now since I refused to buy more after their last shredding party, so I decided I would try to make my own today. I am under no illusions they won't try and rip these apart one fateful day even though they will love love love to lounge and nap on them. At least my DIY beds are super cheap and I won't feel so guilty making my poor babies lay on the hard floor. So sad for them huh?

Step 1:

For each bed I used 1 yard of burlap. I chose burlap because it is wonderfully cheap from any fabric store. I folded the yard in half and cut it into 2 pieces.

Step 2:

Since I don't think these beds will make it too long, I didn't even try and make the effort to sew them. If these pups can destroy a factory made heavy duty chew proof expensive bed, then they can absolutely destroy my best efforts at sewing. Hot glue it is! My hot glue gun is one of my favorite possessions. Little sucker just comes in handy all the time. Each piece of your fabric should be identical in size. Lay one on top of the other and hot glue 3 sides together and leave one side open to allow for stuffing.

This large bag of fiberfill cost $8 and I used probably $.75 cents worth for 2 beds.

Step 3:

Stuff the fiberfill in through your open side to the fluffiness of your liking. I didn't get too fluffy with it since I am prepared to be picking this up in a million different pieces off my floor one day.

Step 4:

Once you have fluffed till your heart's content, hot glue your 4th side together.

If you are happy with the simple look then stop there. If you want to dress it up keep going. I didn't want to spend too much time trying to make these pretty so I kept it simple. I had a paisley press on laying around ($3 from Hobby Lobby) and some extra black paint I used to paint my front door last year.

I didn't want the prints to look to heavy so I used a foam brush to lightly cover the paisley with paint instead of full on dipping it into the paint.

Step 5: Press the Paisley to the Burlap

Press the paisley to the burlap and start prettying away.

Step 6: Well Done!

Tada! A quick and easy dog bed. It only took about 30 minutes and cost $4. And the best part is they are no sew! I like the variation in shades of the prints, but that is up to you. You can use heavier/lighter/different paint to suit your taste. Or your sweet puppy's personality.

My sweet Jessi girl waiting patiently for the paint to dry so she can try her new bed. She loves them, so why must she destroy them?