Introduction: No Sew Travel Kit DIY

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For my vacation, I wanted to carry my toiletries and found that I always used a cover or
bag to carry them. However, it was not a good way to take them, it might spill, get broken etc. I have seen a lot of Travel kit DIY and wanted to make a simple one. This one shows a "No Sew Travel KIT" DIY. More to the steps!

Step 1: Materials Required

A Hand towel
Fabric glue


Step 2:

Take your towel and fold your towel so that 1/3rd is folded over the remaining 2/3rd of the towel.

Step 3:

Place your toiletries over the towel to see how they can be accommodated

Step 4:

Now add a drop of fabric glue where you want the towel to be divided (or use a tailor chalk to mark)

Step 5:

Now, take a ruler and apply glue till the end. (I didn’t use a ruler as I went well with a straight line :) )

Step 6:

Now glue them and let it dry. Place some heavy objects on top of the towel. I left it for around 2 hours.
Now place all your items and roll over. (Just glue ribbon to the outside towel – this is optional!)

This is how it looks now…

Step 7:

Open them when you want to use them :) Roll over when you carry them :)

I carried some bigger bottles, but the stitches never got opened !!
Hope you find this DIY helpful! :) Please vote me if you like this post!

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