No-Sew Trendy + Safe Face Mask

Introduction: No-Sew Trendy + Safe Face Mask

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Hopefully this will be helpful during these times of self-isolation. There's not much to make this, and it's trendy and safe!

Please note that face masks don't help from keeping sickness out, they help keep your air in. So if you're sick, you can protect other people from getting anything you might have. You may have noticed lots of people wearing these masks. That doesn't mean that they all have an illness, they might just be wearing it just in case they have an illness with no visible symptoms. Lots of people are wearing masks to help keep their air away from others and infecting others of any sicknesses they may or may not have.

You will need:

~ a bandana

~ 2 hair ties (thin, longer ones tend to do better with this project)

Step 1: Lay Out + Fold Bandanna

Lay the bandana out flat and fold it in half horizontally.

Step 2: Fold Bandanna + Place Hair Ties

Fold the top of the bandanna down enough to whatever size you would like it in order to cover your nose and mouth. Place hair ties where you want the ends of the mask to be.

Step 3: Fix Hair Ties

Slip the hair ties on where you placed them and fold the ends of the bandanna into the middle of it as shown above. The side facing you will be the inside, or the part facing your nose/mouth.

Step 4: Complete!

To put the mask on, face the side with the flaps of the bandanna towards you and put the hair ties around your ears. You can choose which bandannas you use to decide what you want it to look like and you can customize the size while making it. =^-^= Love y'all, bye!

*Reminder - A face mask is not confirmed to protect you from any sicknesses, but will help keep your air away from others. Anyone wearing a mask is not confirmed to have a sickness.

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