Introduction: No Sew - Zombie Unicorn Hobbyhorse

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I made this for Halloween but did not have time to make an Instructable at the time so here it is ;)

I have fallen in love with textile glue, it is super strong and is fully wash resistant, and you can even iron over it.

So this horse is made from felt and textile glue ;)

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Felt in different colors

Textile glue



Wooden stick ( I saw a broom in half)


Step 2: Cut

Cut out two headpieces, 2 ears, 2 eye globes and one long strip (about 8 cm wide) and 100 cm long in white felt.

Black piece for mouth, two pieces for eyes.

A lot of strips in different colors for mane.

See pictures for more explanation

Step 3: Eyes and Ears

I glued the white eye globes onto the black "stars".

Glue the ears together, be sure to glue as far out in the edges as possible.

Let dry.

Step 4: Mane

Add all color felt pieces for mane, see pictures for better explanation on how to lay them.

Step 5: Head

Glue the long white strip to the head. I started directly behind the ears (where the strip is formed in a V-shape, to form a splice) and then I glued it along one of the head pieces down to the throat. Let it dry and do the same for the other side and now I also glue the mane pieces together.

After it has dried turn it inside out and add filling.

Step 6: Add Eyes and Mouth

Well, this is as simple as it can be, just glue eyes, mouth and nostrils where suitable :)

Step 7: Put Horse on Stick

I chose to just attach the head with elastics onto the stick, have not had any problems with this, though my daughter plays with this horse all the time.

Step 8: Horn

Well, what is a unicorn without a horn?

I cut out a triangle and glue the edges together. After it has dried, fill with padding and then I just glue the bottom. Added tape while drying to press it in place.

And that's it, it's hard to get any clear pictures of it after my daughter received it ;)

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