Introduction: NodeMCU Temp With Webserver

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NodeMCU Temp with Webserver

is easier you think:

you need a ready setup for the arduino IDE.

Step 1: Easy and Simple Setup:

You need to connect your TempSensor correct! Always look twice! Because the ESP is not 5V friendly :)

You can grab 3.3V and Ground from Nodemcu right from the USB input.

Between +3.3V and digital pin you need a 4.7K resistor! Yes you need it really!

The one free pin go to ground. For the correct wiring, see your datasheet from your tempsensor:

Example for DS18B20 is here:

The code for Arduino is here:


My Sensor is connected here to GPIO 4 (D2)

Before you start wiring and upload the code and let arduino ide and check it.

When you look your serial output you see the webadress of your NodeMCU and you can copy it in your browser.

Do not forget to setup your ssid and password, so the nodemcu can make a connection to your router:

Some hints for experimenting:

Use a breadboard for easy wiring.

You can build your own test parts your own with a simple PCB:


its cheap and you can include some parts like resistors, led, sensors... etc.

if you have questions, just ask, and i try to help.