Introduction: Nokia 5228-5230 Touchscreen Replacement

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Hello. I decided to make this old phone work again. The problem is touchscreen cable has burned and split. I bought a new touchscreen(digitizer) and replaced the old one. I hope this will be a guide to other people.

Let's Start.

Step 1: Gathering Materials and Disassembly

We will need:

1.Nokia 5228, 5230 or 5800 (They are pretty similar products.)

2.New touchscreen

3.Screwdriver set for phones

4.Blue tool in the photo or you can use guitar picks instead.

5.Microfiber cloth
6.Phone screen adhesive(commonly black)


Note:I already disassembled touchscreen earlier.

1.First remove the back cover and battery.

2.Then remove the screws and remove white casing.

3.Don't lose white power button part and slide part.

4.Now remove the front cover.

5.At this point you need to separate LCD from metal case. There is a thin adhesive between LCD and metal. Do it gently because LCD is very sensitive to pressure.

6.Then you will see 2 screws under LCD. Unscrew them and carefully seperate main board from black part like in the photo.

7.There are 4 connectors between main board and LCD board. Carefully disconnect them and seperate boards.

Now we are ready for assembly.

Step 2: Assembly

1.Now carefully put new screen into front case. But don't remove protective films yet.

Note: Metal part doesn't come with new touchscreen. So remember not to trash it with old screen.

2.Connect touchscreen to connector like in the photo.

3.Carefully connect all connectors and assemble main board to lcd board.

4.Assemble black case to main board and add 2 screws to screw points.

5.Carefully insert LCD in its place and smoothly apply pressure on it.

6.Now clean LCD with a microfiber cloth.

At this point you can connect your battery to your phone and test your touchscreen. If it doesn't work check everything especially touchscreen connector. If not working then your touchscreen can be deffective. In the step 1 i said "don't remove protective films yet." because films are guarantee as sellers. You can return deffective item. If your touchscreen is working then remove battery and go to step 7.

7.Remove protective films on the touchscreen and attach front part to main board. Be careful with pins on the front cover.

7.Now assemble white casing and put screws with screwdriver.

8.Assemble back cover and battery.

Now you are ready to go.