Introduction: Nokk Halloween Costume

Rainbow Six Siege is the new obsession in our house, so naturally one of the characters was going to feature in our Halloween costume this year. The standout favourite was Nokk!

With a 3D printed Nokk Hell Device with LED lights it was complete!


Camo Fabric

Coveralls Pattern

Camo Green Mesh Fabric


Camo Elastic

Belt Clip

Nerf Guns

2x Nerf Gun Mags

First Aid Kit with Fabric Zip Case

Walkie Talkie or in our case the base of a computer charger cord (haha)

Black and Grey Spray Paint

3D Printed Nokk Hel Device ( - follow this link to my design and you can print your own.

Black motorcross gloves

Double Sided Tape


Step 1: Inspiration

These are the photos I took of the character in the game to use as inspiration.

Step 2: Sew Coveralls

I went down to Spotlight and we got this perfect Camo fabric. Using a Simplicity pattern I cut out all the pieced and sewed the coveralls together. I made some modifications to suit the costume such as adding extra pouches in the front for the mags and added a strip of velcro for the walkie talkie.

Step 3: Helmet

I layed the fabric over the helmet while my son was wearing it and roughly cut it at the right length. I then layed it on the floor and cut it into a neater circle. I layed the black mesh over the green and followed the shape to cut it the same. These I attached together. I then used double sided tape to stick it onto the helmet in the right position to allow me to stitch it in place without it slipping. I just stitched small tacks into the fabric and I looped it through the holes in the helmet to hold it in place without it being too obvious. It doesn't matter if it moves a little just so long as it doesn't fall off. :)

Step 4: Belt

I was lucky when I was at Spotlight that they had this perfect elastic! It was the right width and obviously the right pattern, so I just measured it around my son's waist and cut it to the right length for a belt and attached clips from an old dog harness to make it into the utility belt. To this I could then attach the first aid kit which we'd sprayed grey with the spray paint.

Step 5: Nokk Hel Device Gloves

I 3D printed this device, painted it and added LED lights into it. I then attached it to some motocross gloves. The switch is hidden in the palm of the glove to enable it to be activated in stealth. You are welcome to print my design, please just give me a like on Thingiverse. :)

Step 6: Guns

We spray painted some Nerf Guns with Matte Black spray paint and we painted 2 mags with the grey spray paint.

Step 7: Done!

That's it! Put some velcro on the back of the walkie talkie (or charger base) and attach it on the breast of the coveralls. We tucked the short cord into the neck of the collar which made it look sort of like a headset. The mags go in the pouches on the breast and you're all ready to go trick or treating!

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