Introduction: Notify My Android Door Alerts

This is my Arduino and Notify My Android Bedroom Door Notifier.

 1.Arduino Uno with ethernet shield.
 2.any switch that can be mounted to a door .
 3.extra wire(length depends on distance between switch and arduino.)
 4.10k resistor.
 5.usb-b cable for programming arduino.
 6. ethernet patch cable

1.soldering iron glue gun unless switch is mountable.
3.Arduino IDE

   Create an account at Notify My Android and generate an api key. Then, install the Notify My Android App on your android device. Next, download the included zip folder containing the libraries and sketch for arduino, unzip it, and place folders in appropriate locations. Now, open the door notifier sketch in the IDE . Replace the default api code in the sketch with the one you generated on the website. finally, upload the sketch to your arduino and programming is complete.  

    Now for the hardware part.(refer to pictures below.) Solder one switch lead to one end of the 10k resistor leaving room for it to be plugged into the arduino board. Plug the resister into pin 2 and ground. Then plug the other switch lead into 5V on the arduino board.Your board is now ready to test and deploy.


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