Novice Decorates Christmas Parties With Micro: Bit

Introduction: Novice Decorates Christmas Parties With Micro: Bit

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This article is from a novice who used 2 micro:bit motherboards, 2 Nezha expansion boxes, and 4 rainbow lights from PlanetX sensor series to make eyes and hearts for cute Christmas characters. And she makes the beautiful but dull Christmas KET board dazzling.

What are Nezha Breakout board and PlanetX sensors?

Nezha breakout board is a versatile expansion board for micro:bit. It is loaded with 4 servo drives, 4 motor drives, 3 IIC ports, 4 digital and 2 analog connections. It has a good compatibility with Lego and fischertechnik products, the fool-proof and color-labeling connections make it easy to connect, the graphical programming has a rather low threshold for programming and there are over 40 kinds of PlanetX sensors available to work with it. Now let’s see how could we build a feeder project with them:


Step 1: Hardware Connections:

We make wiring according to the picture below. Rainbow LED ring connects J1 and J2. When connecting the rainbow LED ring, note that the color of the rainbow LED ring indication color should be consistent with the color indication of Nezha expansion box.

Step 2: Cable Connection Diagram:

Step 3: Program


That's all. When activated, the Christmas character's eyes flash in colorful circles, and the Micro:bit alternates between hearts and musical symbol.

Merry Christmas!

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