Introduction: Nutella Creme Mille Crepe

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Thousand layers of goodness! (Well more like 25 layers instead thousand :)

These crepes are stacked and covered with nutella cream and decorated with ganache and various chocolates.

Step 1: Crepes, Creme, Ganache

140 g flour

20 g corn starch

80 g sugar

250 ml milk

175 ml milk mixed with 25 ml 35% heavy cream

30 g butter, melted, unsalted

4 large yolks

a pinch of salt

1 tsp vanilla essence

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl, strain to remove/dissolve clumped flour

Wrap with clingwrap and chill for at least an hour before proceeding

Nutella Cream:

2 c heavy cream 35%

4 tbsp Nutella

2 tbsp icing sugar

Beat heavy cream and icing sugar until thicken then beat in nutella to combine


100 g milk chocolate

1/4 c heavy cream

Heat heavy cream in microwave for 50 seconds then add in broken chocolate Stir to dissolve and let stand at room temperature until desired consistency

Step 2: Nutella Cream Mille Crepe!

Take out chilled batter

Heat nonstick pan and pour a (small) ladle batter and cook crepe until puffed and a little golden brown

Place cooked crepe on a plate and cover with aluminum foil while cooking the rest of the batter

Place a crepe on cake plate, spread evenly 2 tbsp nutella cream, then place another crepe on top

Repeat step until all crepes used up then cover the whole crepe with nutella creme

Drizzle center top and sides with ganache and decorate with Lindor and Quality Street chocolates

Slice and enjoy :)

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