OBD2 and MG TF 135




Introduction: OBD2 and MG TF 135

The MG TF is a great car. It is a mid-engined, rear wheel drive roadster that was produced by MG from 1995 until 2005, and by MG Motor from 2007 until 2011.

But one thing was missing. The MG TF 135 has no on-board computer, so that only the speed is displayed on the speedometer.

But the MG TF has a OBD2 connector and it is not crypted. So the idea was to use the OBD2 for getting sensor information like speed, acceleration data, current horse power etc.

Step 1: What You Need

What is needed for grabbing the OBD2 data and displaying?

In this case we want to display the data on an Android smartphone by using Bluetooth.

So the following things are needed:

  • A MG TF car
  • A OBD2 Bluetooth adapter (In this case Bluetooth ELM327A OBD2)
  • Android App like OBD Check (OBD2 Torque Pro)

Step 2: Find the OBD2 Connector

Where is the damn OBD2 connector?

The OBD2 connector is under the steering wheel. There is plate which can removed for e.g. replacing fuses etc.

After removing the plate the OBD2 connector is accessible. In this case the white connector on the picture.

Step 3: Connect

After plugging the ELM327A Bluetooth adapter into the connector it can be paired with the Android smartphone.

Therfore connect the Android smartphone with the Bluetooth Adapter and open the Torque Pro app. Sometimes Torque Pro does not recognizes the Bluetooth adapter. So it has to removed from the connector and plugged in again.

Usually the Bluetooth adapter can be plugged in and the plate can be mounted. The power consumption of the adapter is very low.

Now the speed, acceleration, gas consumption etc. can be viewed on the smartphone.

Have fun :)

Some pictures are taken from the Torque Pro application.

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