Introduction: The Easiest Way to Build a Cargo Bike - OFFICINE | RECYCLE

About: We are Marco, Eros, Giulio and Erik. In November 2016, armed with enthusiasm, love for bikes, and countless beers, we closed ourselves in the garage and we left a few months later, along with Bronte, our first…

Some time has passed since our first instructable on how to build a cargo bike. Like, a lot of time! 4 years to be accurate :D. So, since we now feel a little bit nostalgic about it, we decided to upgrade it to a video tutorial. Moreover we managed to build a lot more cargo-bikes in this time, turning a passion into a job. During this period has always been a source of amazing projects and inspiration. And it's always nice to give back something!

The audio is in italian, but we have added English subs (be sure to enable them in the embedded YouTube player).

If you're even more interested, we added also a full Tutorial section on our website!