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This side utkarsh,

Today i will restore my old music player in to new BOSE look music player.

I dont want to throw this player away as it is close to me.

Things Required to Build It

1) Old Music Player

2) 3D Printer

3) Soldering Iron

4) Few Nut and bold

5) Lithium ion battery 3.7V 2600mah

6) Remote control of same frequency as that of mother board of player.


Now i will disassemble all component to pieces,

Make sure you are taking picture at every step if you are not familiar with the electric connections.

I have separated all component in pieces.

like speaker ,circuit board , chips, battery , potentiometer etc.

now i will replace few resistance which are not working, so that i can repair the board and can use the same old board , as it will save $.

after replacing resistance , i think that i should replace the battery from lead acid to lithium ion so that backup of my restored music player should be great.

once we are done with circuit and working, now is the time to design the body like BOSE portable speaker.


Now lets start our designing.

I am using Fusion 360, it is one of my favorite software as it is really comfortable to use.

First step in designing is to make a structure which can hold all the parts in correct position,

So first we will design a structure which can hold the speaker, chip set , battery in place.

Lets start with the drawing on paper and than design it in fusion 360.

So after drawing we are now able to imagine how are final speaker will look like, lets start designing in fusion 360.

It take me 5 mins to design the structure as shown above.

now i will design the outer body which will be quite similar to the BOSE speaker design, as i have to include different parts so design would not be similar.

I have attached the design, which you can 3d print at your place.


Now we are ready with the printed parts and all the components, so lets start our assembly :)

1) First we will assemble the speaker with the help of 4 nut and bolts, i have made the holes with the help of solder iron at accurate place.

2) Now i will assemble the chip plate on the base, with the help of nut.

3) Lets make sure that all the wires are on the correct place,and make sure that soldering is done properly on the points required.

4) place the battery on the correct place as shown in the figure.

Once we have done all the things as shown in the pictures, its the time to insert the mainframe structure into the main body, so that we can complete our project.


Once we have completed our circuit repairing work and fitted all component on the mainframe of the speaker, Now is the time to fit every thing on correct place and enjoy our song.


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