Pedometer Part 1: 128x32 Monochrome Screen and Arduino

Introduction: Pedometer Part 1: 128x32 Monochrome Screen and Arduino

This is a basic tutorial teaching one how to use an OLED screen with their Arduino. I am using a 128x32 screen but you can also use a different resolution oled screen and change the resolution/coordinates as required.

In this part I will show you how to display a pixel, words, and numbers. In the next part I will show you how to use the ADXL335. Then I will move from and Arduino UNO to Pro Micro just for portability and also go over how to make a cheap charger for it.

Step 1: Stuff Required

1)Arduino (I am using an UNO)

2)128x32 oled screen

3)4x Male to Female Jumper Cables (You can also use Male to Male jumper cables and a breadboard)

Step 2: Connections


VCC =>5v




Step 3: Libraries

1)Adafruit GFX

2)Adafruit SSD1306

Step 4: Code

My display is monochrome so it only displays in blue. In the code I use WHITE because that is the current code.

In #define OLED_ADDR 0x3C you have to paste the I2C address instead of 0x3c of your display.You can find it by using an I2C scanner code which can be found easily.

Step 5: Demo and End

I hope you liked the tutorial and thanks.

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