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Introduction: OSMC and TV Controlled by Flic Smart Button

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This project starts from a specific need, simplfy some repeated actions.

I have got OSMC media center Raspberry Pi based that i use every evening when i want to watch a documentary on my old plasma TV (without HDMI) before sleep.

The actions that i perform when going in bed are:

  1. turn on Raspberry Pi
  2. turn on TV
  3. set shutdown timer on OSMC
  4. set shutdown timer on TV

For the first step, the only solution find is to unplug and replug Raspberry Pi PS.

Steps from 2 to 4 are grouped into an only action, Flic smart button pressing.

As showed in my previous Instructables, i've tested Flic wireless smart button with RPi. Starting from that point, i've developed this project that, as per my settings, do this:

Flic press = turn on TV, set 50min shutdown timer for RPI and TV.

Flic double press = set more 45min shutdown timer for RPI and TV.

Flic hold = RPI and TV shutdown.

Step 1: How Do It Works

Flic button pushing action sends an information to Flic smartphone app that perform a HTTP request to a listening RPi webserver, that's all. On RPi a simple script reads HTTP request content and interact with OSMC api and a relay module.

Step 2: What Do You Need

To perform the project you need:


Raspberry Pi B (at least) with PS RPi

Relay module Songle

Flic smart button

Smartphone or tablet

TV (*)

other specific hardware

PC power cable

PC extension power cable C13 C14 Female sockets

C13 & C14 Female panel mount plugs

A plastic box

Three jumpers

smartphone/tablet apps

Flic app for IOS or Android

Kodi remote for IOS or Android (optional)

(*)Your TV must support Auto power on functionality. When you disconnect the power cord and re-connect it, the TV will be powered on automatically.

Step 3: Start

Assuming that you have installed OSMC on your RPi with static IP address and SSH is enabled, open Putty (user & password: osmc) on your PC and follow these steps (or do that directly on LX Terminal):

update Raspberry Pi

sudo apt-get update

install Python pip

sudo apt-get install build-essential python-dev python-pip gcc

install GPIO module for Python

sudo pip install -U RPi.GPIO

install Flask webserver

sudo pip install flask

Install crontab

sudo apt-get install cron

create a directory and navigate inside it

mkdir flic
cd flic

with text editor create a file osmc.py

nano osmc.py

copy and paste following code or download the attached file:

from flask import Flask, render_template, request

app = Flask(__name__)

import os import RPi.GPIO as GPIO



def action(buttonPress):

if buttonPress == "click":

GPIO.setup(22, GPIO.OUT)

message = "pressed click"

os.system("xbmc-send --action='XBMC.AlarmClock(shutdowntimer,XBMC.Shutdown(),55)'") # change here shutdown timer

if buttonPress == "dclick":

message = "pressed double click"

os.system("xbmc-send --action='XBMC.AlarmClock(shutdowntimer,XBMC.Shutdown(),45)'") #change here more timer function setting

if buttonPress == "hold":

message = "pressed hold"

os.system("xbmc-send --action='XBMC.ShutDown'")

templateData = { 'message' : message }

return render_template('main.html', **templateData)

if __name__ == "__main__":

app.run(host='', port=5050, debug=True) # change here port if you need

As you can see, this script define actions to be performed when there is a HTTP GET request to Flask webserver on RPi at port 5050.

first case - single click :

When RPi receive HTTP GET request on the address YOUROSMCADDRESS:5050/click, perform an OSMC api .

GPIO.setup(22, GPIO.OUT) 
xbmc-send --action='XBMC.AlarmClock(shutdowntimer,XBMC.Shutdown(),55)'

this instruction give power to my relay module, then TV turn on

Once TV is on, it set 55 minutes of shutdown timer for OSMC . When OSMC timer expires, RPi is turned OFF then relay module disconnects TV power cable

second case - double click

When GET request is YOUROSMCADDRESS:5050/dclick, it sets more minutes to the shutdown timer

third case - hold

GET request is YOUROSMCADDRESS:5050/hold shutdowns RPi then disconnect relay contacts.

Give now permissions to the script

sudo chmod +x osmc.py

you need to create another folder inside pervious

mkdir templates

download and unzip attached file named main.zip and save inside this directory

and now

sudo crontab -e

add at the end

@reboot sudo python /home/osmc/flic/osmc.py

so anytime RPi starts, the script run automatically.

Step 4: Relay Box

My projects policy is: when possible, recycle .

Starting from a low voltage broken power supply i've recycled the enclosure box.

Two sockets come from a PC PSU.

Then with Dremel tool i've molded the plastic box.

Relay is screwed inside it and VCC and GND are connected respectively to PRi pin 2 and pin 9, relay SIG to pin 15.

Relay used was not exactly correct for my purpose.
When it is powered, NO contact closes and i'm not able to control it when is powered by 5V RPi pin . If i connect it to 3.3V RPi pin, i can control but, sometimes, it jams (*) and NO contacts remain closed.

Then "GPIO.setup(22, GPIO.OUT)" instruction inside script give power to relay and it close NO contact.

The only way to open NO contacts to turn TV off is to poweroff RPi. That's all what i need.

Weld three cables between sockets. Cut one of them (not the yellow cable, it's ground connection) and connect the two ends to NO and COM on relay module.

Be carefully when you connect all to 110/220V AC, don't touch nothing if don't want an high voltage electric shock .

Now you have only to connect two TV power cables to relay box then, once everything is connected plug to AC wall socket.

(*) I casually discovered that moving strong magnets around a jammed relay, sometimes it unlocks

Step 5: Flic Smartphone App

Assuming that you have already paired you Flic button, for each button pressing add a HTTP GET requests (set "don't show response") with these features :



Double Click




Step 6: End

This project is very useful for my need.

Next evolution will be to install on RPi the Bluetooth dongle (BCM20702 chip) so Flic smart button and Raspberry Pi can communicate directly, without any smartphone app.

Thanks for reading and sorry for my English.

Thanks to gearbest.com for supporting.

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    6 years ago

    Molto bene! If I get it right, you still have to plug-in the Raspberry Pi? Nice instructable!