Introduction: OUT OF THE WORLD

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Creating an outer space desktop wallpaper using Canva.

Let's get started.


Smartphone/Computer/Tablets/other gadgets with good internet connection

Time and Patience

Enjoy creating

Step 1: Signup/Login

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  • If not,create one here
    • Using Google account
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    • Using email and password

Step 2: Go to "Create a Design"

You will now presented with the following interface

Remember that you are creating your own design .
The steps are in no way the only way to follow but a guide for you to access it quickly.
So use your talents and apply them to get the desired output.
Good luck!!

Step 3: Select a Template

In the search bar type the keyword "space" which will present you with related templates to use.

Lets choose the 4th one.

Keep the text box position and the alignment unchanged .

Edit the text


Add the 4th Font Combination and edit the text

For upper part:Capital letters

Type "An astronautical"

For lower part:

Type "Experience"

Then proceed

Step 4: Change the Background With an Image

Start by navigating to Photos

In the search bar type the keyword "space" which will present you with related images to use.

Pick one of your choice and proceed

P.S:- You can do this step after completing the next one

Step 5: Let's Custom Make a Design

The design will be created with items available for our use in the left hand panel.

Elements/shapes/frames/even upload your own image.

Elements used

  1. Astronaut
  2. Orbit
  3. Sun
  4. Earth & Rocket
  • Dimensions should be balanced with regards to the area that needs to be covered.
  • Crop and Flip features are present.
  • Alignment and Orientation of elements can be changed by using the top panel options just below the head bar.
  • Colors can be changed .
  • Adjust/Effects/Filter gives you more flexibility to personalize.
  • Transparency and Grouping features are also present.

Step 6: Adding the Elements

Navigate to the element section on the left hand panel and type space in the search box .

Incorporate the desired elements one-by-one .

Then proceed to the next step.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Check the visibility,size and color of the font

Save the file by changing the filename.

Here we save it as OUT OF THE WORLD


You created an unique design .


There are plenty of options available.

Choose as you wish.

Save as .png image
Share to twitter

and more.

Step 9: Comment/Like/Download

A token of appreciation motivates us to create contents for all.


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