Introduction: Oblivitus' K'nex Gun Force Gauge

About: I paint, write music, and used to build knex guns. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art. - updated 5/7/2014

This is a device that I made to accurately compare the amount of force produced by k'nex guns. It works for most mid-caliber, mid-power or better k'nex weapons. I hope that a lot of people will make this and post their test results from it so that k'nex gunners will, for the first time, be able to very precisely compare the power of each others guns. The numbers on the gauge reader are also broken up in such a way that allows for mathematical conversion (calculator work) to determine the force that a gun imparts with varying amounts of shock absorbers (snowflake pieces) on the gauge (ex: the results from a firing test with one snowflake can be converted to be compared with the results of a firing test with 3 snoflakes). Basically you can change apples to oranges or oranges to apples so that you have two oranges or two apples to compare for exact results.

Constructing this is very easy but using it needs more explanation so I will be spending most of this instructable focusing on its use. The images on this page are all that I am going to give you to build it with.

*Note: Use new snowflake connectors for shock absorbers.

Step 1: How to Use It

Procedure: Place the gauge on a flat surface and press the back of it against a solid, vertical surface, such as a door or wall(1). Fire close to the center of the first snowflake piece(2), then when you are sure that you got a direct hit(3), line the measuring marker up with the snowflake that the round of ammo struck(4). If the white connector(s) you shot at went all the way to the end(5), just reset the gauge, add another snowflake connector(6&7) and fire again, keep doing this until you get a result that is not maxed out.

Measurement: Each gray, 45 degree connector is another number on the scale, the first gray piece is a 1, the second is a 2, etc. Each red piece on the scale can be made into a fraction, for example: if the measuring marker lands on the second red connector after number 2 on the scale, than that is considered a force of 2 and 2/4 (two and two fourths), the third red connector after 4 is the 4 and 3/6 mark. If the measuring marker lands between two pieces, round the result to the closest piece.

Count the number of snowflake connectors you used as resistance in the force test, put this number before the force number with a "-" in front of it, for example "2-3 and 3/5" (two, three and three fifths) is a force reading while using 2 white connectors as resistance. If any of this confuses you just show me a picture of the results and I will read it for you.

Conversion: To convert the results of tests with different numbers of white connectors; simply multiply the result by .6 to have the effect of adding one connector or multiply it by 1.66 to convert down one connector. This can change a reading from say "2-2 and 3/4" to "3-1 and 2/3".

Uses: This gauge can be used when moddifying guns to figure out if they have increased in power, it can be used to compare the power of your guns and other peoples k'nex guns, and it can be used to compare your personal collection.

Step 2: Need Help?

I know this gauge is tricky to use so please meassage me and tell me what you don't understand or think you are doing wrong if you don't get it.