Introduction: Obstical Avoidence Robot

I call it MEAD (My Experimental Arduino Development). I named my robot MEAD because I was looking at my English notebook and the brand name was MEAD and I thought of my robot. It has stuck since. It is a very basic robot for the beginner. I only had one real problem. This was that it wouldn't work with the normal two batterys so I had to use a portable power bank originally for your phone. So just make that adjustment with this bot. Once you fix this, MEAD works great! I hope you like it!

Step 1: Parts

For this build you will need......

1. Two continuous rotation servos

2. One Arduino Uno

3. Lots of jumper cables

4. One HC-SRO4 distance sensor

5. One breadboard

6. One power bank

7. Two servo wheels

8. Two CD's

9. One role of dubble sided foam tape

Step 2: The Chassis

I was fiddling around with my robot and found that two CD's where the best option. To create this you need to put your servos on top of the first CD in a orientation where the wheels can spin. Then place the second CD on top. Once you put you battery in the chassis is complete and you are ready to wire it up.

Step 3: Wireing

The wiring for this robot is quit simple. The ground and 5v of the servos and the sensor goes to ground and 5v. The white wire of the left servo goes to pin 9 and the other white wire goes to pin 8. The trigger pin goes to pin 6 and echo goes to pin 7. That's it, time for the next step.

Step 4: The Program

The program is in the link below. This is not my code but is created by Jayden Edwards.

Step 5: Your Done!!

Congratulations you created a obstical avoiding robot! Take pride in your work and show me you robot in the comments below.

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