Introduction: Off Road Scooter From Scratch!!!

I always wanted to have an off road scooter when I was young. It can go so much more places than a normal street scooter. That is why I decided to make my own scooter, but for cheap!!! I want to make things that work as great as the big bucks stuff, but for much less.You can buy new metal pieces, but I took some old scrap pieces in my back yard.



  • 1600mm x 32mm square pipe. (You can use steel or aluminum. I used steel , because it is so much cheaper and it was on the scrap pile.)
  • The handle and turning mechanism was cut of a old steel scooter so that I can weld it on.
  • 2 x( 200mm x 85mm pneumatic wheels.)
  • 4 x 50 mm M6 bolts and nuts.
  • 200mm x 500mm x 2mm thick steel plate.
  • 25mm x 50mm x 500mm rectangular steel pipe.
  • 8x 32mm square end caps.
  • 320mm x 25mm round solid bar for axle.
  • Some 32mm round tube for spacers.

Tools You Will Need:

  • Drill.
  • 2 x 10mm spanners.
  • Grinder.(cut and polish disk)
  • Welder(sorry for my bird poop welds).
  • Spray paint.
  • Measuring tape.
  • Pen.
  • Ruler or something straight to make lines.

Step 1: Building the Base.

Cut out the base plate from the 2mm thick plate as in the picture above.Cut the groove as well. The rest of the plate will be used for the brake.

Then cut out two 32 mm pipe with length 275 mm. Weld them together and cut the angles you need to mount your handle on(remember that a scooters handle does not just go straight up, the handle has an angle towards the driver). See in sketch above.

Use the 500 mm x 50mm x 25mm piece of rectangular pipe and cut the groove as shown in the sketch above.

Weld this rectangular pipe to the base plate trough lining up the grooves.

Cut a piece of 160 mm, 32 square pipe an 2 pieces of 175 mm, 32 mm square pipe. Use this to make the back fork as shown on the sketch. Weld those pieces together and add a 32 x 32 mm square piece on the bottom of both the edges of the fork.

Finally weld the fork to the back of the base plate that is connected rectangular pipe.

Step 2: Add Handle and Front Fork.

I took an old steel scooters front end with its handle and turning mechanism. I cut it of and added it to the steel neck to form my knew scooter.

Add another fork that is constructed the same as in step 1 on the front but this time add the 32 x 32 mm square pipe at the bottom as shown in the sketch.

Step 3: Add Your Axles and Wheels.

Take the 25 mm axle and cut a piece that fits through both 32 mm x 32 mm square pipes that are welded on both forks.

Cut spacers out of round 32 mm tube to center the wheels.

Align the axle with the holes on the 32 mm squares and drill holes through them as well.

Add all the necessary nuts and bolts and tighten them with the spanners.

Step 4: Add Brake.

Take the 2mm thick steel plate and cut a piece of 500 mm x 90 mm plate out and bend it to form the brake as in the fot above.

Step 5: Finnish With Detail.

Add end caps to make the holes look nice. By nice I mean that their ant any.

Spray the scooter a you want. I advise to take it apart first.

There you have an awesome knew( but old) off road scooter, ready to take on the world.

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