Office Chalk Wall W/ White Board & Magnetic Plate

Introduction: Office Chalk Wall W/ White Board & Magnetic Plate

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Preface - This is my first instructable... forgive my lack of foresight to photo-journal every aspect.

I'm a pretty unorganized guy. I'm also a big picture guy with a need to "sketch" things out. My office space isn't great but it is huge. When I realized that I had the ability to do what I wanted with my walls... I knew that it was going to be a big project. It actually only took a couple hours over a couple afternoons. Now I have a four month modular calendar, a 22' black board, and several neat mini cork boards and an accent metal plate (glued) for the use of my magnets!

Step 1: Gathering Your Supplies

Supplies were real easy and could be modified based off of your needs.

First I want to mention my dry erase boards. I recently ordered several dry erase calendar sheets 28" x 36" and pasted them to form boards. I found the dry erase sheets on eBay from some company out of Kentucky. They were cheap but there was some confusion with shipping and they ended up costing me more than i wanted. Also I didn't take photos of that step but it is exactly how it sounds. The cool bit though, is that I knew that I was going to be constantly rotating through the next four months and didn't want to get confused with their orientation; so I used sticky Velcro bits on their backs and the wall to make it modular. When one month is finish i now can erase it and swap it with the latest calendar and rotate the others into their proper place. I love it!

So again supplies are easy. Here is what i used:

Olympic One - Black Magic - Paint + Primer (because who doesn't like skipping a step)

Olympic One - Dalen's Duckling - Paint + Primer (because who doesn't like skipping a step)

and a $.50 color sample of Valspar - Crushed Oregano

Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish

Loctite Power Grab

left over piece of sheet metal 6" x 18"

Rustoleum Dry Erase Paint Kit

Expo - Bright Sticks - Florescent Wet Erase Markers

6" rollers and the actual roller w/ handle

a package of foam brushes

Wagner Smart Edger !!! (this thing is boss)

blue painter's tape (a must if you want to make this easy)

Step 2: Tape & Paint... or PAINT THEN TAPE!!!

I choose to use 6" rollers as I knew that I would want a smaller roller at a later stage... and really I was only painting a 22' x 5' section of wall (to start).

With that in mind... I just started painting with the Olympic Black Magic (what a fun name). I didn't tape or measure anything. I just wanted a big dark rectangle on my massive wall... I'd fix it when it was dry. I probably didn't need a second coat but I put one on anyways. This was again before thinking to take photos.

To fix the boarder would have taken a bit of time measuring and marking... and I hate measuring and marking perfectly strait lines (one of the reasons that you didn't see a laser level on my list). I also knew that I was going to add and embellish to the wall over time. Yes this is just the first phase. I tend to do something... learn by doing... think about it... then complete/refinish what I set out to do in a very specific and "professional" way.

So I used the painters tape to make zigzag lines that were approximately parallel to each other; one line on the Black Magic and the other one the creamy wall. Then I used the Crushed Oregano $.50 paint sample as I thought it would work well for a boarder. It worked alright and I loved my no nonsense zigzag boarder to my blackboard. But in hindsight I wish I had used the Olympic Dalen's Duckling! It's such a fun shade of yellow and would have given crazy good contrast.

As seen in the photos I'll have a few places to touch up... but as I planned on painting some sky scrapers with King Kongs climbing them here and there... I'll just cover them up with fun!

Step 3: My Magnetic PLate

Looking to add more versatility I painted a 6" x 18" spare piece of sheet metal in that Duckling yellow. It took two think coats to get the texture right. But that might have to do with the roller I had been using. I did take a photo during this step... but I then lost it.

What you are seeing here is where I painted the plate... and then the plate after it was hung with the POWER GRAB! very easy... and after the next step it become a dry erase board to boot!

Step 4: White Board Paint

I wasn't sure how well it was going to work... but for $20 it was the same price as an actual 20" x 30" white board. And I wouldn't have to figure out how to hang it up. The instruction were super easy. Step One - mix the two ingredients. Step Two - paint on wall.

Here was one of the places I wanted the smaller rollers as I knew it'd give me more control of the paint.

I did the same thing as I did with the edges of the Black Magic but found that the white board paint leaked a bit under the tape. So I will be going back to put cool boarders up. I'm thinking perhaps cloth tape to give it a texture.

The white boards take a few days to dry... make sure no one writes on them till dried. I had a person leave me a loving message after two days... and it wasn't long enough! But after three days... they erase like magic... Black Magic.

You'll also not one of the many tiny cork boards that I got for $5 at Office Depot. That place is great! I love office supplies!

Step 5: Don't Forget the Minwax

Ok... this is just a random photo of an edge that I decided I will fix (that $.50 paint did not like my glossy finish black paint).

But seeing as I didn't have a photo of me painting clear plastic onto my wall... I thought it'd at least get your imagination going.

Basically after some minor research I read somewhere that you want a glossy finish for the colored dry erase markers. So I decided a good coat of plastic was just the thing to protect the wall that I put so much effort into. It drys fast and really didn't add much work at all. Do this step for some piece of mind.

I know that they have black board paint kits out there. If you are going to use the markers like I did. A good quality paint (like my Olympic Black Magic) and the minwax should be enough. Meaning you can do any color wall you want. And save some $$$ to boot!

Step 6: Draw Like Crazy on All Your New Surfaces

So now the important step of writing inspiring quotes, drawing little stick guys running from bears, and of course jotting all your important stuff down... "write" on your wall! Hours of fun... and it's a work expense... right?

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Lots of great ideas! Wow, I'd love to have that much space, and a long chalkboard like that. Super handy, it would be!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! Yeah... the office isn't very new and I could complain about many aspects of it... but it is very large.