Introduction: 3-D Scan to Bronze Cast Sculpture: "Oh, That We Would Know Where Abundance Is Found"

This sculpture explores the immediate satisfaction that can accompany material wealth in contrast to the deeper satisfaction that we can experience in relationship with God. The figure is suspended in between these realities.

Step 1: .STL

This .stl file was pulled from a 3D scan using an xbox connect. I scanned a friend of mine laying back on a work out bench in order to simulate the experience of falling. I then edited the .stl in Netfabb by removing the bench, and adding rectangular prisms to the figure in order to further incorporate aesthetics from my body of sculptural work.

Step 2: Wax Working

Once the figure was 3D printed it was dipped in a specific casting wax and I developed certain aspects of the sculpture more fully. I carved small trees in wood and attached them to figure. In the first image I've shown a detail shot of a Rick Owen's Geobasket shoe which I sculpted in the casting wax. Once the wax working was finished I attached it to a pour cup using sprues (the second image shows examples of previous 3d prints attached to pour cups). These objects are then covered in a slurry and silica sand mixture to create a heat resistant mold.

Step 3: Bronze Casting

After the slurry has dried, I hung the mold to a stainless steel rack and melted out the plastic and wax. The molds are then turned upright and molten bronze is poured into the cups. The extra sprues and pour cup were removed, and the final object was given a cold black patina. In the last image you see the final result off turning the original scan into a finished sculpture.