Oil Lamp

Introduction: Oil Lamp

Just a quick and simple guide to making small oil lamp suitable for use in jack-o'-lanterns or as a candle

Step 1: Playing With Mud Cakes

You will need air dry clay, olive oil, cotton yarn, and a beer cap

all you need to do is picture the magic lamp from aladdin and simplify it because unless your a master sculptor its not going to look like that i just wanted something to make my pumpin extra bright

the picturs should be a relitivly good explanation here it is in words

1 get your lump of clay and practice your pizza tossing until its pan-cakey

2 form one of those crappy ice cream cones thats open on both ends so the drippings get evry wher

3 close the top a bit and angle the point out so it looks vaguely like a lamp

4 when you like the shape leave it till its dry itslall

Step 2: Add the Heat

when its dry fill it with the 100%-extra virgin-olive flavour lube slap some cotton string in there and BOOM one extra smoky lamp i drilled some extra holes in it to get the most light out of it as possible

this was just a quick little project if nothing Else i hope u smiled if you found this worthy of a vote than a am both amazed and flattered i tip my hat to you

if by some miracle i win the laser cutter i have many projects in mind for it and it would be a awsome to be able to expariment with such a cool


-thanks for reading

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