Oil Powered Hot Air Balloon

Introduction: Oil Powered Hot Air Balloon

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Your mother tells you to shoot for the stars, and the Sheriff Woody says "Reach for the sky". But neither your mother or Sheriff Woody tell you how to do those things. This project, a oil- powered hot air balloon, will.

Step 1: Gather Materials

This is what we will be working with:

  • Paraffin Oil (about 80 mL)- Amazon
  • Laboratory Flask (for science, not drinking!)- Amazon
  • 4 Candle Wicks- Amazon
  • Cardboard Box
  • 4 Helium Balloons
  • Tissue Paper

Step 2: Prepare the Burner

Pour the oil into the flask. make sure it is almost, but not completely, full. Braid the four candle wicks together and cut it so when you put the wick in the flask, it barely peeks out.

Step 3: The Box

This is a pretty short step. Just cut a hole for the flask and place the flask inside, as shown.

Step 4: The Balloon

Now it's time to build the balloon. Fold the tissue paper together and tape it. Repeat this twice. Now take both tissue paper masses and tape them together (reference the picture for help). Tape the twine to the box, as shown (The small object in the background is a quarter for reference). Tape four straws to the corners of the balloon as supports. Tape the four helium balloons to the four corners of the box. Secure the tissue paper on the four ballon strings with tape, as shown.

Step 5: The Launch

Now it's time to launch. Hold the balloon about 2 ft above the ground. Now light the wick. The heat from the burner should inflate the balloon. This will provide lift. The acceleration and final altitude will vary, depending on your atmospheric conditions. Happy Flying!

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    3 years ago on Step 5

    Really cool but great way to start a fire somewhere.