Introduction: Old CFL Light to LED Light

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I had one old CFL emergency light which I replaced it with 12 volt LED light strips which I am going to share with you.

Step 1: Components and Tools

Components Needed

12V LED strip of required casing length

230V to 12V DC adaptor

Aluminium foil sheet

Suitable casing

Tools Needed

Screw drivers

soldering kit

single strand wires

Insulation and transparent tape

Step 2: Things to Be Done

1) Replace the old components with the 12v adapter and then solder the two male pins directly to wire. I won't recommend removing the adapter because the wires are so minute and once wire is cut it is hard to solder it since it was a china product

2) At some point in a continuous LED strip we will have provision to cut and solder. Find that point and solder with thing wire and attach positive and negative properly. Micro soldering will be fine but if you are experienced with normal soldering you can go ahead.

3) Connect the positive and negative terminals properly. Paste the tin foil paper for reflection. See that once the foil sheet is pasted you seal it entirely using transparent tape. If its not insulated correctly it will get short circuit since its a conductor

4) Paste the LED Strips check once and fix the case

Step 3: Plugin to Your AC Mains

Plugin to your AC mains and see that light is working. Since it was a mini light brightness was not too great. However by increasing LED strip length more intense the light will be and brighter the room. You can use similar LED strips to light up car dome light directly without adapter. Thank You

Step 4: