Introduction: Old Cabinet Restoration

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We bought an old cabinet and decided to entirely paint it, gloss it, and make it look much better. Here is how we did it.

Step 1: Remove the Knobs and Start Sanding

This is a fairly important step so you can properly apply any wood stains/paint and make sure you don't get scratches on the knobs

Step 2: Be Ready to Paint

We chose to paint untop of an entire sheet of painter's paper, used latex coded paint, and made sure to use some of those spongy wooden paint brushes

Step 3: Start the Drawers First

Start painting the drawers first after you sanded them

Step 4: Paint the Sides and Dust

Paint the sides and start dusting your creation once the paint dries

Step 5: You Are Done

Great job, now you have your new cabinet. A few tips: Make sure everything such as the locks work (easy fix going to ACE hardware), also make sure that you haven't missed a spot to paint i.e do touchups

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