Introduction: Old Car Parts Lamp

Using extra car parts lying around the garage, you can create an awesome lamp for your man cave.

Step 1: Things You'll Need

  • Things you will need:
    1. All car parts you would like to use
      • I used a camshaft, 5 rockers, 6 pushrods, 4 pistons and 4 connecting rods
        • You can get these from or your local junkyard
    2. Old lamp (one you are willing to sacrifice)
    3. 1 Lampshade
    4. Hot glue gun
    5. Razor knife
    6. Welder and welding mask
    7. Acetone and brushes

Step 2: Disassemble Lamp

Take apart the lamp. The only parts you need from the old lamp are the cord and the socket for the lightbulb.

Step 3: Feed Cord Through the Camshaft

Run the cord of the lamp through the camshaft. Most cams are hollow so they work perfect for the stem of the lamp.

Step 4: Attach the Camshaft to the Base

Drill and tap a hole in the camshaft. Then run a screw through the plate into the cam to secure. Alternatively, these can be welded together. I chose to use a screw so it can be disassembled later.

For first time welders, please read here before you attempt to weld for the first time:

If you would still like to make this but cannot get access to a welder, you may use JB Weld or a similar epoxy. This can become tricky though because you have to wait for long drying times while keeping all pieces in position. Welding still is the strongest and fastest way to attach the components for this project.

Step 5: Attach the Bulb Socket to the Camshaft

Using a pushrod and a rocker, weld the pushrod to the camshaft and to the rocker. The rocker can serve as a holder for the light bulb socket.

Step 6: Create Lampshade Frame

Using the remaining pushrods and rockers, create a frame for the lampshade. This can be done in various shapes. I chose the simplest 4-sided shade. Use a welder to weld each piece together being careful to make sure everything is symmetrical.

In order to keep things symmetrical, I laid 4 rockers on a flat non-flammable surface. Then I tacked them together in the cross pattern shown. Next, using a combination of a level and triangle shaped welding magnet (shown in the pictures) I was able to get a consistent angle for each pushrod to make sure everything was symmetrical.

Step 7: Cut Lampshade and Hot Glue Fabric to the Frame

Cut the donor lampshade you have chosen apart and flatten out the fabric. Lay your welded lampshade frame on the fabric and cut out pieces of fabric to the size required. (This may take some trimming. Cut over sized the first time.)

Next, use the hot glue gun to attach the fabric to your frame. (As you can see, my final lampshade is black. This is because I cut too small on my first attempt with the white shade.)

Step 8: Attach Your Rods and Pistons to the Base

Attach your rods and pistons to the base of the lamp. This step is not necessary, it is just for looks. You can weld them or attach with bolts. Again, I chose to bolt together so it can be disassembled.

Step 9: Attach Your Lampshade to the Lamp

Lastly, attach your lampshade to the lamp using one of the pushrods. Setting the correct height of the shade can be tricky, so make sure it is where you want it to be before welding it.

Step 10: Complete!

Now you have an awesome lamp you can be proud of!