Introduction: Up Cycle Old Drum Table

This is probably one for the man cave but either way it's a real head turner and conversation piece for your room.
Sorry there's no build pictures this project was done many years ago.

Parts needed
Perspex,Toughened or laminated glass. Your choice of frosted clear black. Mirrored etc
Old drum set
Clear silicone

I wanted something a little different to the normal coffee and side tables so I brought a cheap old set of drums removed the skins. Then replaced them with Perspex as it was what I had spare in the garage and it gives you a good solid surface for you table top. Glass could also be used but it takes a little more work getting it cut and selecting the correct glass.
( If you choose glass I recommend toughened but you will have to order that as it can't be brought of the rack. Alternatively you could use a laminated glass. Ask your glass shop for advice. )

1 Begin by removing the clamps that hold and stretch the skin.
2 Turn the circular clamp upside down and trace round the inside diameter
3 Cut out the circular shape
3 reverse the removal process inserting the circular piece you have just cut on top of the skin.
4 clamp it all back together
5 seal round the outside edge with silicone
If your not skilled Spray the silicone with a. Soapy water mix. Using your finger smooth off and leave to set then your done

If you like you can insert a lamp elwire or LED's alone with any other light source you may have inside them. Giving you a cool lamp side table or coffee table

I brought a full set and have a bass drum coffee table
Two snare drum side tables
And a Tom drum key/phone table

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