Introduction: Old Lamp From XIX-th Century

About: I like hiking and travelling, there I will recieve inspiration for my idea.

I don’t have a lamp on my terrace. I have decided to make a lamp from XIX-th century.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


· Wooden block 600x100x100mm

· Metal strip 380x30x2mm – 4pcs

· Metal hanger – 4pcs

· Metal flowers – 4pcs

· Lamp cartridges – 4pcs

· Woods screw 3x25mm - 12pcs

· Bolts 10x25mm - 4pcs

· Hook - 2pcs

· Chain

· Electric cable 5pcs

· Zero electric bus – 1pcs

· Black and silver paint, shellac with red shade


· Cordless drill

· Angle grinder

· Crimped wire whell brushes

· PH bits

· HSS twist drills 8mm, 12mm

· Depressed centre grinding discs for metal

· Saw blade

Step 2: Step 2. Make Hanger for the Lamp Cartridges.

I cut triangle with the help of an angle grinder on the both end of the metal strip according to the sketch. I Grinded ends of the metal strip to a circle form. Then I marked and drilled holes according the sketch. I Took a carton tube and bent metal strip, then fixed end of metal strip into vices and curved metal strip with the help of the metal pipe ½.

Step 3: Step 3. Make an Old Wooden Block.

I made the wooden block look like old one with help of a crimped wire whell brushes. Then I made openings for an electric cable on the wooden block with a saw blade.

Step 4: Step 4. Connect Metal Strips With Wooden Block and Metal Flowers.

I screwed metal strips to the wooden block by the wood screw 3x25mm. Then I screwed metal flowers to metal strips and to lower part of lamp cartridges (by bolts 10x25mm).

Step 5: Step 5. Paint Curved Metal Strips, Metal Flowers and Wooden Block.

I painted curved metal strips and metal flowers in the black colour. When paint was drying out I smeared a silver paint on the metal strips and metal flowers by a small brush. I painted wooden block by the shellac with red shade.

Step 6: Step 6. Lay an Electric Cable

I connected ends of the electric cable with upper part of the lamp cartridges. Then I laid an electric cable along the metal strip and put it in a hole 12mm diameter –on the metal strip.

After that I connected two parts of the lamp cartridges. I connected four electric cables with one electric cable. I used zero electric bus and twist.

Step 7: Step 7. Metal Hanger, Hook, Chain and Finish

I screwed the metal hanger to the wooden block by a wood screw 3x25mm that closes the place where electric cable comes into wooden block. I screwed two hooks on the ends of the top wooden block and put chain into the hooks.

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