Introduction: Old Ship Brought Back to Life !

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This was in my fish tank a couple of years ago ,then it was in my garden for some time ,
I always new that one day I would do something with it and I never like throwing anything away as I’m a hoarder :) But had some spare time at the moment so decided to
Refurbish the ship instead of putting in to the junk bin ! Hopefully the photos will do the talkin ,please enjoy as I have making this !


1. The ship
2. Box of wooden coffee stirrers
3.glue gun
4.Mdf wooden base
5 wooden pole for the mask
6 l.e.d candles
5 .lots of random parts old tyres from air fix kits ect

Step 1: Old Broken Ship From Garden

I had this ship in a fish tank some years ago ,
And left it in the garden .it was in in three pieces .I cleaned it up and started the refurbish.

Step 2: Repair /strengthen

I then started to access the damage ,and start the the repair .i had to remove all the decks and old mast as it was broken .

Step 3: Mdf Base

I then started the base I used mdf and stuck the wooden stirrers on to it using a glue gun .and cut them to size .

Step 4: Bow of the Ship

I build a frame and then started to stick the wooden stirrers on to the bow one by one .it had taken some time but enjoyed :) all cut cardboard out for the decks and glued stirrers to them aswell.i then cut some treaded bar so that I could attach the boat to the base .

Step 5: Progress

I made some small shed like building out of the wooden stirrers , it was beginning to look good now 👍

Step 6: Progress

Here I made the ships mast out of some wooden pole and fitted a flag ,the flag is just the sun and is not meant to be of any country 👍also added some tyres and some random stuff like a fan for the propeller .

Step 7: Wish I Could Be Small Enoth and Set Sail Away !

This is my 2nd instructable and have realy enjoyed making it , hope I have inspired just one person that would make me happy 😃 enjoy take care

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